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Service & Repairs

Is you garage door dented, damaged or just not working properly? We service all brands of garage doors including Amarr, Ideal, Clopay and many more.

Some services we offer are...

  • panel replacement
  • track repair or replacement
  • roller replacement
  • bottom seal replacement
  • cable replacement
  • garage door opener repair

Not sure what is wrong with your garage door, we are happy to provide telephone assistance for all your garage door repair needs prior to scheduling an appointment.

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Broken garage door springs are very dangerous. Please consult a professional.

Broken Torsion Springs

Replacing garage door springs can be very dangerous so it's best left to a professional. Replace broken garage door springs as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your garage door operating system. We provide garage door spring replacement for all brands and sizes of garage doors both residential and commercial.

Replacement gear and sproket kit for garage door openers.

Gear Kit Replacement

Is your garage door opener motor running but the door isn't moving? Is the chain loose on your garage door opener? You might be in need of a new gear & sprocket kit. We service all brands of garage door openers including Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman and many more.

Always remember to use safety first when doing garage door maintenance yourself.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular garage door tune up helps ensure reliable, quiet operation and safety.

Never take a garage door system for granted; always use extreme caution when working on it or near it.

Like every other mechanical device you own - your garage door and its operating system needs to be properly adjusted and regularly maintained in order to function correctly and safely.

Torsion Spring Conversion

Extension spring to torsion spring conversion is a much safer alternative.
A picture showing the difference between extension springs and torsion springs.

Convert old style extension springs to new style torsion springs for added safety in your garage door operating system.

Old style extension springs require a safety cable to remain safe. Once that cable breaks, extension springs can break and let loose, damaging anything in their path.

Torsion springs are mounted on a shaft called a torsion bar so when they break they remain in the same location. Providing a much safer more reliable garage door system.

Convert your old extension springs to torsion springs today. Ask us how.

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High lifted garage door track installation.
Liftmaster 8500 wall mount garage door opener is best used with high lift or follow the pitch track installations.

High Lift or Follow the Pitch Track Installation

High lift or follow the pitch track installation is used for special circumstances where you may want your garage door to lift higher towards the ceiling before turning inward.

We use this type of installation if you need more clearance for any reason. Maybe you have a car hoist in the garage or you want to add extra storage.


A High Lift or Follow the Pitch installation are the perfect time to use a Jackshaft garage door opener. Using a Jackshaft garage door opener allows us to relocate the garage door opener to the side of the door giving more ceiling clearance.

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